#3 Shiite Attributes (2)

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#3 Shiite Attributes (2)


Volume 65, Beharol Anvar has two important parts: 1- Shiite virtues, 2- Shiite attributes


قال الصادق (ع): امتحنوا شیعتنا عند مواقیت الصلوه کیف محافظتهم علیها و الی اسرارنا کیف حفظهم لها عند عدونا و الی اموالهم کیف مواساتهم لاخوانهم فیها


You may try our Shiite through the prayer time, as how do they care it, not disclosing our mysteries and stations before the enemies, and also you may try them through their property to see how do they help their brothers.


امتحنوا شیعتنا عند مواقیت الصلوه

Do they care the prayer time or not? Do they postpone the action or the prayer? Some assume prayer for the idle time, and say:

اول الوقت رضوان الله و آخر الوقت غفران الله

Recently, some of the Sunnite say: We are the real Moslems, because we give high importance to the prayer, but you do not?

In respect to the importance of prayer, Imam Ali (a.s.) says in his recommendations to Malik Ashtar:

اجعل افضل اوقاتک للصلوه، کیف محافظتهم علیها

The Arabic word, محافظه, indicates that prayer has some impediments, from which it shall be protected. The clergymen shall be a good example for the people. I remember when Imam (r.a.) was a teacher in the seminary school, and I was a student there. The Late Ayatollah Saeidi had invited us, and Imam (r.a.) was present too. We were engaged in scientific discussion and conversation when we heard prayer call. Imam stood up immediately for prayer. This is the rule that wherever we are, and whoever we are, we shall lay stress o

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