#64: The True Followers [Shia] of `Ali ibne Abi Talib

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#64: The True Followers [Shia] of `Ali ibne Abi Talib

Text of Hadith:

قال(عليه السلام) ولما جعل المأمون الى على بن موسى الرضا(عليهما السلام) ولاية العهد دخل عليه آذنه و قال اِن قوماً بالباب يستأذنون عليك يقولون نحن شيعة على(عليه السلام) . . . . (1)

Translation of the Hadith:

When Imam `Ali ibne Musa Al-Rida (a s) was requested to make his way to the city of Tus (present day Mashad) and was ordered to be the heir-apparent of Maumn Rashid, a group of the Shi`a came to see him and requested permission to enter into his presence. The Imam (a s) asked his servant who the people at the door were, to which the servant replied that,

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